Righton Speedy K2

Righton original retinoscopy measurement principle achieves extremely fast auto REF/KER measurement.

Measurement speed is 30% faster than Speedy-i/K. (REF: 125ms, KER: 260ms)

*New* Continuous mode – The resting state of accommodation function

Speedy-K2 displays spherical equivalent values as graphs that are continuously measured every 30 seconds.
The resting state of accommodation is automatically calculated and printed out.*New* A2 mode – Selective fogging methodAUTO Mode
Alignment – fogging – measure – measure – measure ・・・

AUTO 2 ModeAlignment – fogging – measure – fogging – measure – fogging – measure ・・・

H(High) M(Middle) L(Low) 3 step intensity fixation chart
*New* H(High) is added to measure unstable pupils.

When pupil diameter is smaller than 3mm, the intensity will drop automatically

Various function5.7′ Touch panel with 45°tilt function
Cornea diameter measurement (0-16mm)
Pupil size measurement
Retro Illumination observation
50 patients (100 eyes) memory function for measurement data

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