Righton Speedy-i

3 in 1 Function.

With combination of Refractometer (Keratometer), Accommodative Micro Fluctuation, Opaque Media (opacity) screening, the measurement speed is vastly improved to only 49 sec (one eye).

Reduce of accommodation testing time

Measurement speed increased 20% compare with previous model. With the new SCR (Screening) mode, an eye can be tested in just 49 seconds.

Objectively find the cause of eye fatigue

Patient’s individual AMF (Accommodative Micro Fluctuation) value will be analyzed and from the data, High Frequency Components (1 – 2.3Hz) will be extracted and based on measurement data, chart location, accommodation reaction value and pupil size to formulate FK map (Frequency of Kinetic reaction).

ADD Function

The ADD function enable a patient’s near point power to be measured objectively by applying accommodative stimulation. And auto AMF can detects if the power gives the patient eye strain or not by color indication.

Residual Astigmatism Calculation (Only for K-model)

Residual astigmatism calculation, necessary for CYL contact lenses and CYL IOL prescriptions, is automatically conducted and results printed out (K-Model).

Astigmatism corresponding meridian target

By adopting a new fireworks chart, patient with astigmatism are able to focus on either one of the lines.

i-File software (options)Data can be managed by using i-File and view saved record using Internet Explorer

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