Righton RemoteVision RV-II

Refractor (with / without LED)
High-precision lenses and wider measuring range (-32D to +33D) Main body is 24% smaller than conventional model which allows easier view of patient’s face through the wide space between lens chamber.
Hand-held remote control
Remote control unit offers individual keys for control of both refractor and charts. Using chart keys enables direct control of chart system. Hand-held wireless remote control unit enables control of RV-II from 8 meters away, allowing operator to point directly to chart contents.
Touch type table control unit
Can be used with both types of refractor or in combination with hand-held remote control unit.
Printer / Power box
Power box is 40% smaller than the conventional model and has a lower power consumption of only 80VA. New design compact and easy-to-use printer separate from power box
Preset 6 type subjective test program
With preloaded the most advance subjective test program, it suits most of the user needs in any scene.

Flexible combination to suit all needs, budgets and locations.

Variations of the RV-II system can be made using a combination of refractor (with/without LED), remote control unit, table control unit and printer depending on needs, budget and installation location.

(with LED)

(without LED)

Table Control Unit

Hand-held remote control unit

Compact power box



Data transfer by i Media

Data transfer by i Media
Barrier FREE data communication by utilizing Infrared and RS232C ports. i-Media is capable of communicating with most of the Righton’s conventional devices.

Special Table Top

Special Table Top
Budget and space-saving solution. Can be used with the refractor on a regular power table.


Power measurement
Spherical lens power
-34.50 – +32.00D
0.25D step (0.125D/0.25D/1D)
Cylindrical power
-7 – +7D
0.25D step (0.25D/1D)
Cylinder axis
0 – 180°
5 steps (1°/5°/45°)
Prism power
0△ – 20△
0.5△ step (0.25△/0.5△/1△)
Cross cylinder
Auto cross cylinder : ±0.25D
Jackson cross cylinder : ±0.25D/±0.5D
Program 1 (standard program)
Program 2 (basic program)
Speedy program
Only with control box
21-point eye examination (steps #7 – #21)
MCH Pola test
ADD power correction program
(W) x (D) x (H)
Refractor main body
388 × 110 × 268 mm
5 kg
Power box
140 × 59 × 230.5 mm
1.1 kg
Control box
200 x 183 x 218 mm
2 kg
111.7 x 47.7 x 231.7 mm
300 g
150 x 62 x 100 mm
600 g
139 x 22 x 40 mm
100 g

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