Kowa Nonmyd 8

nonmyd 8 and nonmyd 8s

The ultimate digital fundus camera for improved imaging is easy to use in three simple steps.

– Easy alignment
– Focusing
– Shot


The ultimate digital fundus camera offers:

– Non-Mydriatic color fundus images
– Anterior images
– 3.3mm minimum pupil diameter
– Multiple internal fixation targets
– Best performance thanks to high quality optics – Made in Japan

Technical data

Aapture angle: 45°
Working distance: 30mm
Minimum pupil diameter: 4 mm, (SP 3.3mm)
Adjustment range for optical components: 40mm forward/backward
98mm left/right
27mm vertical (electric)
Compensation range of the examined eye: Without compensation: -12D til +13D
Compensation +: +10D til +35D
Compensation -: -32D til -10D
Chinrest adjustment range: 55 mm (electrically adjustable)
Focusing: Adjustment of subdivided light bar/focus bar
Tolerance of the pixel distance on the fundus (ISO 10940): Normal image: S* (µm ± 7%)
L* (4.5Mm ± 7%)
Internal fixation marks: Posterior, optic nerve, central macula, mosaic 8 positions
Camera: Color: Special Nikon SLR digital camera
Monitor: 5,7 inch LCD
Light source: Observation: Near-infrared LED
Photography: Xenon flash lamp
Power Supply: Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 150VA
Weight: 21kg (without Camera)
Dimensions: 310 (W) x 504 (L) x 548 (H) mm

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