Haag-Streit Octopus 900

The Most Versatile 90 degree Full-Field Projection Perimeter.


The Octopus 900 represents the most complete 90 degree full field projection perimeter available today without limitation – for private practice, clinics, teaching institutions and scientific applications.


It allows for testing in all levels of disease – whether you’re looking for early detection, tracking progression or performing the most sensitive examinations at the end stage of disease.

{ 900 Series available in either the Basic or Pro Models }

  • Six Methods – One Perimeter
  • 100% Fixation Control – 100% of the Time.
  • Lightning-fast full threshold exams in fewer than 150 seconds
  • EyeSuite™ Software Analysis with networkable system and EMR Integration.
  • Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry in both manual and semi-automated modalities utilizing our full 90 Degree standard Goldmann bowl
  • Improved Patient Comfort and Greater Flexibility,

Six Methods – One Perimeter.

  • Static White/White – Track progression of disease
  • Blue/Yellow – Early detection with a clear media
  • Flicker – Early detection through a lens opacity
  • Low Vision – End stage disease
  • Goldmann Kinetic – Ideal for testing outside 30 degrees and for end-stage disease
  • Red/White – Special drug-induced maculopathies

100% Fixation Control – 100% of the Time.

  • 100% Eye Fixation Control – if fixation is lost, no stimulus is presented.
  • Automatic Eye Tracking allows the instrument to track and adjust pupil automatically
  • Chin Rest Sensors – If patient pulls away, test pauses
  • Refractive Lens Control Sensors – Denotes proper range of refractive lenses
  • Automatic Pupil Measurement

Full Threshold in less than 150 seconds

  • Avoid errors caused by patient and retinal fatigue.  ALL Octopus Perimeters come standard with our TOP (Tendency Oriented Perimetry) test strategy which provides a full 30 degree thresholds in less than 3 minutes per eye, whether you are running our 32 (30-2), G (Glaucoma Diagnostic) or M (Macula) thresholds.

EyeSuite™ Software Analysis.

  • Our EyeSuite™ Software allows for extensive and comprehensive analysis right at your fingertips. Unique physiological-based Polar and Cluster Graphs available.
  • Our clear 7-in-1 printout presents the most complete information needed for the assessment of your fields.  Also, printout both eyes on one page by utilizing our 2-in-1 report and depicting your favorite graph.
  • Network compatibility allows results to be viewed on multiple viewing stations
  • Patient data is already saved to a pc and can be printed easily in an electronic format making EMR compatibility a snap.
  • Future software upgrades and updates can be easily accessed through Internet downloads.

Goldmann Kinetic Testing.

  • Spherical Goldmann bowl ensures accurate testing
  • Choice of standard stimulus sizes I through V in an combination of stimulus intensities <1> through <4> and <a> through <e>.
  • Improve reliability and repeatability by selecting stimulus travel speeds from 0 (static points) to 2 degrees per second up to 10 degrees per second.
  • Complete freedom in choosing starting and ending points of vectors – 360 degrees around, any where you want.
  • Utilization of semi-automated – FREE – and Guided Vectors
  • Unique Reaction Time Vectors will correct fields for those patients who can’t respond as soon as they see.
  • Easily evaluation isoptor change over time with unique quantification readings.
  • Build and save a test to the library so technicians can perform a base line of any isopter reading with the click of a button!

Improved Patient Comfort and Greater Flexibility.

  • Faster testing increases patient cooperation.
  • Patients are able to blink regularly without missing a stimuli.  (Stimuli presented during a blink will be re-presented later in the test)
  • Wheel Chair accessible table provides ample leg room and accessibility for patients.
  • System can be set up wherein technician is separate from patient, so that the patient may be placed in a more quiet environment.
  • Real-time display of statistical data provides on-line information about the status of the patient’s visual field.
  • Separate components for PC, Monitor and ink jet printer allows for easy and less expensive computer hardware upgrades for future
  • Offers the most complete library of standard diagnostic programs and test strategies.
  • Flexible and user-defined test parameter settings for additional custom test programs – you literally can build any test you want in minutes and save it to a library for future testing use.


Includes wheel chair accessible table, PC Control Unit, Flat Screen Monitor, Ink Jet Printer and:

  • Static White/White testing
  • Low Vision testing
  • 100% Fixation Control
  • Chin rest sensor
  • TOP (Tendency Oriented Perimetry) Strategy for threshold testing in less than 3 minutes
  • Includes EyeSuite™ LITE Software for data analysis.
  • Library of over a dozen standardized tests, including:  Glacoma, Macula, 32, Neurological, Diabetic, Low Vision, Ptosis and binocular Estermann
  • Includes one standardized kinetic test for disability or drivers license testing.
  • Automatic pupil measurement with refractive lens control sensor.
  • Easily upgrades to any feature in the PRO Model via the entering of a code.


Includes the same as 900 Basic PLUS:

  • Blue/Yellow (SWAP) testing (in under 3 minutes per eye)
  • Flicker perimetry
  • Goldmann Kinetic both manual and semi-automated
  • Red/White testing
  • Automatic Eye Tracking
  • Custom Test capabilities
  • EyeSuite™ ADVANCED and PRO Analysis Software

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