GFC Pupillo Progressiv glass-merker

2000,- +mva

GFC Pupillo Progressive lens marking reader

· It identifies the initials of the manufacturer of the lens
· It identifies the extra power of the progressive lens
· It monitors and traces the progressive lens
· It’s the only one having the chance of inclination, according to everyone’s need

Maximum length 155 mm
Maximum width 135 mm
Maximum height 270 mm
Machine weight 1.03 Kg
Feed voltage 230 V ± 10% 120 V
Maximum absorption current 0.05 A 0.09 A
Power 6 W 6 W
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Fuse F 250mA L250V F 250mA L250V

Max altitude: 2000m
Temperature: +5°C +40°C
Max relative humidity: 80%

Work examples:

Start the machine
Hold the lens to be read, also already mounted on the frame, between the contrast background and the machine lens
Bring near or faraway the lens to be checked from the contrast background so that the initials are in focus
Slacken the knob positioned on the back side of the unit, in order to regulate the angle of the machine, and extract the foot according to needs, then tighten the knob for blocking the foot in the desired position; this operation gives the possibility to optimize the reading position


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